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Cognitive Edge courses: Europe, September-December 2014

September 4, 2014

As we reach the home stretch of 2014, there is increasing demand for all things complex, narrative and Cognitive Edge and diaries need planning further in advance - yours and ours!  So we're setting out the training schedule for the various courses in your region for the rest of the year.

We’ve also still got the Early Bird discount of 10% (on top of any other Member discounts you may qualify for) for a limited number of seats (typically restricted to 6-8 seats).  Book early to beat the rush (and get the money off)!

(If you need to reschedule you can always apply the booking fee to another course as long as it’s within one year of the original one.)

Our 2014 Education schedule is as follows:

Amsterdam, 16-17 September: Two-day Learning SenseMaker® Design

London, 1-4 December: Cynefin and Sense-making


In particular, the flagship Cynefin and Sense-making courses led by Dave Snowden, Tony Quinlan and Michael Cheveldave are proving very popular - four one-day courses, and you can book for any combination of the days. The full set of all four days covers all the previous Foundation and Advanced course materials, as well as the latest thinking and practical examples from fieldwork.


Day 1 - Understanding complexity
    Learn how to put complexity theory to practice. Day 1 covers: characteristics of risk & uncertainty, safe-to-fail, resilience, and anticipatory awareness.

Day 2 - The Cynefin framework
    Learn how to apply Cynefin for sense-making, change, and decision support. Day 2 covers: situational assessment, evidence and consensus, managing the dangers of group think and ignored mavericks, and strategies for working in uncertainty & complexity.

Day 3 - The organisation and knowledge
    Learn how to create and manage situations and environments for enhanced innovation and knowledge flow. Day 3 covers: working with and disrupting cognitive bias, mapping knowledge flows in contrast with process, and stimulating social network creation and density.

Day 4 - The use of narrative
    Learn how to work with narrative in facilitated sessions and in large volumes with SenseMaker® (final afternoon topic). Day 4 covers: Applying narrative for communicating, research/monitoring, knowledge capture, and making sense of culture through narrative archetype forms.


Also, while a little after Q4 2014, we have already managed to set up a course in Zurich for 27-30 January, 2015 – why not get a head-start and book the course, or simply add the dates to your diary.