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Cognitive Edge announces Education Event probing system

January 15, 2013

As a small company and a fairly large Network (relatively speaking), we're always looking at better ways to:


  • Co-create and interact with the Network
  • Apply our own principles within our company

On this basis we have developed a simple way of having you, the Network tell us where you'd like a class held and on what topic. You can go to this page on the education section of the website, and browse through the proposed courses that others want and the the cities they are proposed for, then vote for a city and class you would like to consider attending. If you don't find the city and/or class you want you can request it be added (click the green button to email us, you can also request in-house classes this way). This all works better as you collaborate across the Network to gather support for what you are nominating. See this new feature here: