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Rendering Knowledge

See 7 Principles of KM

Research and Monitoring

The use of prehypothesis research material to reveal weak signals that would otherwise be ignored, the use of narratives as originating raw material without the disintermediation of analysis or interpretation... We therefore have a research instrument, a method of knowledge discovery and a means of monitoring or detecting changes early in real time environments

Robustness to Resilience

The recognition that some failures are inevitable, hence a shift in focus to speedy detection and fast recovery. Resilience is then prized over robustness.
One of the key strategic shifts in a complexity informed era. Early detection of weak signals, fast recovery and consequently an enhanced ability to exploit the new spaces that emerge. Not only is real risk and cost reduced if a system is built for resilience, the capacity to move forward is increased while others struggle to recover and/or hold commissions of enquiry to determine blame and fault.

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