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Weak Signal Detection

January 8, 2015
Dave Snowden

On Understanding Software Agility

May 11, 2011
Joseph Pelrine

Using Stories to Increase Sales at Pfizer

February 17, 2011
Nigel Edwards, Pfizer

Mining Safety: A business imperative

October 27, 2010
Aiden Choles, Sonja Blignaut and Nicolaas Herholdt

Making Sense of Safety: A Complexity-Based Approach to Safety Interventions

October 20, 2010
Giuseppe Sardone and Gary S. Wong

More than Numbers: Revitalising Employee Engagement through Narrative-based Research

September 20, 2010
Angelina Seah

Summary Article on Origins of Cynefin

August 24, 2010
Dave Snowden

Signifier Design for Cultural Mapping project

June 10, 2010
Dr Beth Meriam

Complex Dynamical Systems Theory

June 8, 2010
Dr Alicia Juarrero

A Strategic Conversation: How to Engage Staff in Scanning and Scenario Building

April 15, 2010
Susan Stephen, Michael Cheveldave, Christine Gelowitz

“Everything is Fragmented” - Column for KM World

April 1, 2008
Dave Snowden

Performance, conformance and good governance in the public sector

June 10, 2007
Peter Bridgman

Changing Homeland Security: Shape Patterns, Not Programs

October 29, 2006
Christopher Bellavita

Bramble Bushes in a Thicket

October 18, 2006
C. F. Kurtz and D. J. Snowden

Study on KM (2003)

July 3, 2006
European Commission Information Society

Frontiers ECO v8-1

May 11, 2006
Dave Snowden

Researching Practice or Practicing Research: Innovating Methods in Healthcare - The Contribution of

January 1, 2006
Annabelle Mark and David Snowden

Cognitive Transformation Theory

January 1, 2006
Gary Klein & Holly Baxter

Conversation Mapping

June 1, 2005
Bruce McKenzie

Multi-ontology sense making; a new simplicity in decision making

May 1, 2005
Dave Snowden

Art and Science of Story (1): Gathering and Harvesting Material

February 2, 2005
Dave Snowden

From Atomism to Networks in Social Systems

January 1, 2005
Dave Snowden

Frontiers ECO v7-2

January 1, 2005
Dave Snowden

Patterns of Narrative in Organizational Knowledge Sharing

January 1, 2005
Gary Oliver and Dave Snowden

The use of narrative to understand and respond to complexity

January 1, 2005
Larry Browning & Thierry Boud

Frontiers ECO v7 3-4

January 1, 2005
Dave Snowden

Recommended Reading List - includes various authors

December 16, 2004
Compiled by Dave Snowden

Facilitating Innovation Within the Organisation

May 1, 2004
Dave Snowden

E-CO Landscape of Management

January 1, 2004
Dave Snowden

Faith in the Bush White House

January 1, 2004
Louisa-Jayne O’Neill

The new dynamics of strategy: Sense-making in a complex and complicated world

April 1, 2003
C. F. Kurtz and D. J. Snowden

Managing for Serendipity: Why we should lay off

January 1, 2003
Dave Snowden

Complex Acts of Knowing - Paradox and Descriptive Self Awareness

July 1, 2002
Dave Snowden

Just in Time KM: Roots and Interventions

January 1, 2002
Dave Snowden

A new perspective on cultural issues in organisations

January 1, 2002
Dave Snowden

Archetypes as an Instrument of narrative patterning

November 1, 2001
Dave Snowden

Simple but not Simplistic: the Art and Science of Story

April 1, 2001
Dave Snowden

The Intranet as a Complex Ecology

February 1, 2001
Dave Snowden

Sowing the Seeds of Organic KM at English Nature

January 1, 2001
IBM Global Services

Narrative Patterns: the perils and possibilities of using story in organisations

January 1, 2001
Dave Snowden

The Art and Science of Story 2: The Weft and Warp

December 1, 2000
Dave Snowden

Organic Knowledge Management 3 of 3: Interventions

July 1, 2000
Dave Snowden

Organic KM 2: Indirect Knowledge Discovery

June 1, 2000
Dave Snowden

Organic Knowledge Management 1 - ASHEN

April 1, 2000
Dave Snowden

Tools for Chief Knowledge and Learning Officers

January 1, 2000
Dave Snowden

e-Business and Knowledge Management

January 1, 2000
Dave Snowden

The Paradox of Story: Simplicity & Complexity in Strategy

November 1, 1999
Dave Snowden

Story-Telling 1: Old skill new context

January 1, 1999
Dave Snowden

The Cunning Plots of Leadership

September 1, 1998
Thomas A. Stewart

How to Think With Your Gut

September 1, 1998
Thomas A. Stewart
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Weak Signal Detection

A draft article that still needs a lot of work
Posted for comments and suggestions

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