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Artefacts, Skills, Heuristics, Experience and Natural Talent are the five perspectives which comprise the ASHEN model. ASHEN is a way to ask a meaningful question in the context of mapping the knowledge assets of an organisation: What artefacts were used when making that decision? What skills were needed; how were they acquired? What heuristics were used to make such decisions quickly; what is the range of applicability? What experience is had, and possessed by respected members of the field? What natural talent is necessary; how exclusive is it and who else has it? This provides a contextually rich way of collecting perspective that informs the interviewers of the knowledge assets within the organisation and increases the cognitive load on the respondent so they dig deeper into their memories. Ideally ASHEN questioning should be combined with a disclosure technique which generates decision points (For example, The Future Backwards, along with field observation, narrative circles and the like) to create a ,i>meaningful context for the ASHEN question...

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