The Cynefin Framework is used to understand and take action in different types of systems confronting decision makers. Cynefin is a sensemaking framework in theoretical form – to operationalise the framework, it needs the domains, sub-domains and boundaries to be defined by fragments (such as day-to-day experiences of people) to create context that is relevant to the organisation. Four tables Contextualisation is a lightly facilitated workshop based Method used to create and operationalise Cynefin models for decision making. A completed Cynefin model that is contextualised to the environment and operations of a community, team or organisation provides a new shared language with which decision-makers can discuss situations, perspectives and possible actions. It can be used to talk about interpretations of current conditions based on gathered data, to evaluate strategic interventions, and to constructively manage conflict and bring about consensus, without removing conflict. Cynefin is fundamentally considered a sense-making framework, which means that its value is not so much in logical arguments or empirical verifications as in its effect on the sense-making and decision-making capabilities of those who use it.

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