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Culture is entangled

By Dave Snowden  ·  January 25, 2015  ·  Innovation, Polemic, Strategy

Another Gaping Void cartoon for this second post on culture, which makes the point that change initiatives come and go but relationships that we build can last for ever.  My post of yesterday targeted the single causal model that underpins so many simplistic consultancy initiatives than claim simplicity.   If you can find one thing to blame, then there is only one thing to change and life is susceptible to the recipe approaches that are all to common.  Manufacturing process replacing artisan capability in what is meant to be a...


Scenarios: use and abuse

By Dave Snowden  ·  May 5, 2008  ·  Strategy

The interconnectivity of the modern world is at times a truly wonderful utility.  Yesterday a tweet triggered me to reflect on Open Source; today Technorati links me to this blog on Scenario Planning, which in turn references this article by Conway both of which quote me.  I now have another blog in the RSS feed!

Linda Popova, the blog author, correctly spots that while Conway quotes me on the irrationality of human decision making, he fails to see that I argue that reality exists (I remain amazed that you have to argue this with...