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Historical Context

The times they are a changing

By Dave Snowden  ·  March 2, 2012  ·  Historical Context

We've been around for six years now and we were overdue for a refresh on the web site, so here it is.  It coincides with other business changes as we look forward.  There will be more annoucements on this, and I will blog in more detail on many aspects over the next few weeks and months.

Its an exciting period for us, and it involves a lot of change.  We don't expect to get it right first time, and in the case of the SenseMaker® site we are developing it in public - a sort of perpetual beta!  So be kind and feel free to email me...


Organizing the stuff in the toolkit

By Gary Wong  ·  September 27, 2011  ·  Historical Context

Mechanic Tool by hinnamsaisuy

Hi, everyone. I look forward to sharing with you how the work I do as a Cognitive Edge practitioner has impacted me personally and professionally. For some people, learning about complexity and chaos thinking is a totally brand new experience, a first time out of the starting blocks. For others, it's a coming together of a mess of ideas, thoughts rummaging in your head or methods in your consulting toolbox. That was me in the latter. Ahh, a way to bring clarity and sensibility into the picture. In shop...