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The latest thinking on Cynefin and Sense-Making - new courses announced

By Tony Quinlan  ·  April 2, 2015  ·  Cynefin

As the first quarter of 2015 wraps up, we’re announcing the training courses for the rest of the year.  Today we have details of all the Cynefin and Sense-Making courses for the rest of the year, and in the coming days we’ll be announcing various SenseMaker® courses, including two new ones focused on the latter stages of SenseMaker® projects.

The Cynefin and Sense-Making courses are our thought-leading courses, constantly-evolving, taught wherever possible by Dave Snowden. The cluster of four one-day courses continues to feature new thinking with a strong emphasis on bringing academic research and theory on complexity and related disciplines and applying them to organisational problems.

With the increasing demand for project work, we’re only running these courses once per region this year with the exception of London.

We’re planning on running the courses in Australia and East Coast USA early in 2016.  (If you can’t wait and you have numbers, we are always open to running in-house courses.)

The four days are:

Day 1: Understanding Complexity - an excellent introduction to understanding the differences between simple, complicated and complex issues, including the different approaches needed for each.

Day 2: The Cynefin Framework - getting deeper into tools to help people understand and act on big difficult problems.  Building on the Harvard Business Review article, this day teaches tools that have been used in organisations as diverse as the European Commission, multinational telecoms companies and R&D departments of FMCG companies to bring diverse teams together in pursuit of corporate objectives.

Day 3: The Organisation and Knowledge - from the science of how we make decisions to the social nature of knowledge-sharing, this day covers the practicalities of understanding what key elements of knowledge exist in the organisation and how to gain better advantage from them.  Practical exercises extend to breaking silo mentalities and using complex facilitation techniques in all sorts of organisations.

Day 4: The Use of Narrative - Understanding current narratives, shaping future ones and using narrative tools is an effective way of engaging with audiences, dealing with culture, customer experience and public engagement. This day is key for anyone whose job is communicating with audiences and changing behaviours.