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By Dave Snowden  ·  February 7, 2015  ·  Musings

Another walk today, this time with Iwan from Ogmore Point to Porthcawl.  I had originally planned this as one long section but that would have involved getting up much earlier yesterday, impossible after a midnight thirty return home following a ROH performance.  So Chris and I reached Ogmore point as the run set into the west and that is where Iwan and I started the next day.  More overcast at the start but as we came onto the long beach that flows east from Portcawl the sun started to use the clouds to create some wonderful effects.   Most of my pictures are from that period.  Now these days I always carry three lens.  The 24m-85mm zoom is my standard for landscape and I love the effects I can get with my 16mm fisheye.   Those tend to be my staple fare on a walk and are in pouches on my belt so I can get quick access.   I always carry the 28mm to 300mm in the backpack just in case and today that proved more than justified.  If I flip to half frame it has an effective zoom of 450mm which is impressive, but it is heavy.

One of the things you notice is the way in which boundaries are impacted by the different zooms.  Especially with strong sunlight things become starker when you go up to 300mm and boundaries seem more proximate, flatter in nature and both easier to define, but somehow or other more distinct.   Silhouettes work well as in this example with two crows.  With the fish eye foreground is as important and the various shapes are both more distinct and more distant.  I'm rambling a bit, but there is a metaphor here for how you look at an organisation, through what lens with what backcloth and with what intent.