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Announcing the first SenseMaker®-specific courses - sign up now!

By Tony Quinlan  ·  January 5, 2015  · 

As a friend of Cognitive Edge, you may have attended courses, read the blogs and used the techniques - but wondered about how to take the next step to actual implementation of SenseMaker® with clients or in-house. Without experience, it’s difficult to convince potential sponsors and yet without willing sponsors, it’s impossible to get experience.  Here’s where that changes. These new courses are for anyone who has heard about SenseMaker® but needed more detailed knowledge and practical examples before they actually run one.

Who are these for?

  • People who’ve heard about SenseMaker® but need specific guidance about what it would take to actually run one
  • Consultants who want to supplement Cognitive Edge and narrative techniques with SenseMaker® to gain greater insight and to tap into larger volumes of people
  • Market leaders who have already run an initial SenseMaker® and want advice on how to manage aspects differently the next time

We are starting these courses with the most crucial elements, with more courses to be introduced from April onwards for other elements.

If you’re looking to work with SenseMaker®, these courses will combine theory, exercises and examples from the field to increase your capacity to use SenseMaker® regardless of sector, topic or application.

The first courses therefore are:

An Introduction to Running SenseMaker® Projects

A one-day course combining theory, examples and exercises to guide people through the essential elements of a SenseMaker® project. It covers some of the key options and decisions needed for an effective outcome.

The day is ideal for those who have overall responsibility for running a SenseMaker® project but have never run one before.

The course is running in:

London, UK - Monday 19th January 2015

Singapore - Monday 9th February 2015

Seattle, USA, Wednesday 11th March 2015

Course cost is USD800, with discounts for network members, premium members and Early Bird bookings. (Early Bird bookings finish one month before standard courses, but will close on New Year’s Eve for the London course.)

How to build and test SenseMaker® frameworks

A two-day course based on Cognitive Edge’s experience of building the most critical part of any SenseMaker® project - the signification framework. Examples will come from development, consumer research, employee engagement and government engagement projects. It combines theory, examples and exercises to guide people. We strongly recommend that you come with a project or topic in mind to explore, as this course will work on developing live frameworks as well as sharing theory.

The day is ideal for those who are working with stakeholders to develop SenseMaker® projects to answer particular questions.

The course is running in:

London, UK - Wed 21st-Thurs 22nd January 2015

Singapore - Wed 11th-Thurs 12th February 2015

Seattle, USA, Thurs 12th-Fri 13th March 2015

Course cost is USD1,500, with discounts for network members, premium members and Early Bird bookings. (Early Bird bookings finish one month before standard courses, but will close on New Year’s Eve for the London course.)

Online SenseMaker® Signification Design

For those who prefer online learning or who can’t wait for the live course to reach them, this is an excellent facilitator-guided course introducing SenseMaker® signification design, run by Laurie Webster.

The course covers the nuts and bolts of designing a collection instrument - whether online web collection or app-based.

Made up of four “live” online session, the course will feature lead facilitator Laurie Webster, with sessions from either Michael Cheveldave or Tony Quinlan, all of whom are experienced in running SenseMaker® projects in different environments.

The course runs from 5th January 2015 to 1st February 2015 and booking is online:

Course cost is USD475

Tailored courses

We also realise that some organisations may want the skills provided by these courses, but applied in a specific environment dealing with sensitive or confidential information. If you would prefer an in-house confidential training, contact us.

In the New Year, we're looking forward to seeing you on the courses old and new. And bring friends - help them get ahead of the pack too!

With Christmas just around the corner, we’d also like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and here’s to a great 2015, bringing you everything you hope for.

From The Cognitive Edge Team