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Upcoming Cognitive Edge Courses in 2015

By Tony Quinlan  ·  December 8, 2014  ·  Cynefin, SenseMaker®, News

There's a change coming in the Cognitive Edge training courses. Starting in 2015, the courses will be expanding with two new series of courses for practitioners and consultants. By December 2015, there will be three main groups of courses running, along with some special partner-driven courses as well.

Cynefin and Sense-Making courses
The cluster of four one-day courses that have been so successful in recent years will still be running, but will run only once a year in each region.

These will still be the flagship courses, focussing on thought-leadership, with Dave Snowden as the key presenter covering the latest evolutions in applying complexity, Cynefin and narrative concepts to practice.

If you’re looking for the latest thinking, along with ideas of how and where to apply and sell it, these are the courses for you.

Applying SenseMaker®
In response to your requests and the increasing use of SenseMaker® by people outside the Cognitive Edge family, we'll be introducing a series of 1- and 2-day courses covering various elements of using the SenseMaker® software suite. The courses will be to share experiences, teach theory and prepare people for the pitfalls and opportunities in running SenseMaker® projects.

The initial tranche of courses will be run in Q1 2015 and we plan to accredit Network Members and associates to run these courses later in 2016 and beyond. The initial courses we will be running include

• Running SenseMaker® projects
• Creating SenseMaker® signification frameworks
• Analysing SenseMaker® data
• Moving from SenseMaker® data to actions and projects

If you’re looking to work with SenseMaker®, these courses will combine theory, exercises and examples from the field to increase your capacity to use SenseMaker® regardless of sector, topic or application.

Shaping through Ecology
Planned for later in 2015, these courses will be focused on applications and end-user needs. They will include Cognitive Edge techniques and SenseMaker® tools to look at how to influence, shape and enhance human-centred issues. The initial list of Shaping courses will likely include

• Shaping Innovation
• Shaping Culture
• Shaping Knowledge
• Shaping Narrative
• Shaping Safety

If you’re working on particular applications and want to look in greater depth at how the Cognitive Edge thinking and SenseMaker® tools can illuminate areas of work, these are the courses for you.

In addition, we will be running sector- and expert-specific courses with our partners such as the Safety and Policy courses that piloted so successfully in 2014.

As in previous years, there are discounts for groups attending the courses, for Early Bird bookings and discounts for network members and premium network members.

Tailored courses
specific environment dealing with sensitive or confidential information. If you would prefer an in- house confidential training, contact us - we recognise that using real-life problems improves the take-up and relevance of the skills and understanding but cannot be done in public courses.

In the next couple of weeks, we will be announcing the schedules for early 2015 - and we're looking forward to seeing you on the courses old and new. And bring friends - help them get ahead of the pack too!