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Uncle Jerry - the “T” shirt

By Dave Snowden  ·  August 29, 2007  ·  Polemic

TeeYou may remember that some time ago Uncle Jerry over at AOK decided that young Valdis Krebs was behaving in a disruptive way in class, rapped him sharply round the knuckles, locked him into the virtual equivalent of a scolds bridle promising to release his tongue for approved messages only. I protested and was banned in consequence before my rebellion could taint the compliant masses of the silent majority. Have you noticed how those in authority always claim the support of the silent majority? Maybe that's why they are silent. In a flurry of emails Bob Buckman was either banned or resigned for a similar sin, then Patrick Lamb resigned and so we go on. It takes something to loose those four names in one go. To adapt an old adage, to loose one is misfortune, two smacks of foolishness, three indicates that authority has gone to your head, but four well ....... (fill in gap with epithet of your choice)

Interestingly a fair amount of the of AOK conversations have just moved across to other listservs such as the uncensored Value Networks with many of the same participants. Life is like that on the web censorship just doesn't work. Either way Patrick Lamb and I decided that we should consider our being thrown out of AOK as a badge of honour, and possibly even wear the T-shirt. This is a British idea of humour Jerry (if you are reading this) so don't take it too seriously. We commissioned Joseph Tey who does a lot of our archetype work in Singapore to produce a characterisation for the said apparel and I share it here. If anyone wants the high resolution image let me know, but I am drawing the line at any use for a cheerleaders squad.