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Just for once, its nice not to be ripped off

By Dave Snowden  ·  April 18, 2008  ·  Comments

I visit Switzerland from time to time (not enough really).  In contrast with elsewhere in the world WiFi access from Swisscom is not the normal rip off.  You know how that is, you are in an airport or train station and the minimum fee is a full day or an hour at a high rate.  Swisscom give you a broad range of options from multiple unlimited access day rates to multiple use time slots which last for over a year.  So today I used up the last five minutes from a 60 minute slot I bought several months ago and then lasted for two days on another.  The connection is fast, the web site multilingual and easy to use.  Mind you this is Switzerland.  I remember being on a train once that was three minutes late getting into Basel and the conductor came round the train to apologise to everyone.