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KMRC Conference Blog: Edvinsson

By Dave Snowden  ·  March 31, 2009  ·  Conference blogs

Leif.png Leif is always fun and we start of with ginger scent being sprayed around the room and the audience being challenged as too how much potential they are using. Looking at the silver generation (I can buy that) as an asset. Tells us to write down a key phrase and its worth it: Trust is the bridge on which knowledge travels. Reminding us that when he set up the first knowledge centre in Scandinavia about his use of scent, the experience of entering into the centre was designed to change the way people were thinking by changing the physical environment

Perspective is worth 50 IQ points (quoting Gary Hammel), its al about relationship capital. Interesting that Leif still uses the models and names of the Intellectual Capital that he helped found (and for which he provided the first working example). The great thing about listening to Leif is the sheer volume of exciting examples of innovation you give. Ice Hotels, linking to Virgin Airlines for the planned space journey, Japanese robots and many other examples. Its difficult to blog Leif as he presentations are very visual, closely liked to a vision of practice that has and does inspire.