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Henley: The final session

By Dave Snowden  ·  February 26, 2010  ·  Conference blogs

reporting back on the day one speaker session: Christine presents a summary along with Daan

Big themes

  • The hidden messiness of organisations
  • challenges of surfacing the knowledge that matters within the messiness (and who judges what matters(
  • the implications of these challenges for strategy processes and operations
  • The new ways of leading/organising/managing this mess.

Questions arising

  • How to manage the complex system of himan interaction (me)
  • How to uncover hidden patterns in this mess (Daniel)
  • What is the role of leadership in this mess (Karl-Erik
  • How to transfer knowledge and stories from one team to antoehr in this mess (Verna)
  • How to convince senion managment of this mess of the need for a proper knowledge based stragey (Richard/Victor)
  • How to use the social structures in this mess for the benefit of the company
  • How to ope up conversations in this mess? (David)
  • How an messy organisations learn in a crisis *Elena)
  • How to appreciate and transfer the strengths of this mess (Geoff)
  • How to prevent people becoming toxic (intoxicated( in the mess? (Steve)

Now Daan is summarising metaphors of knowledge

  • as land (aboriginal)
  • as labour (put knowledge to work)
  • as intuition
  • as commodity (knowledge brokers)
  • as stuff (distributed cognition)
  • as water (knowledge flows)
  • as capital (intellectual capital)
  • as seeing/knowledge as light (light bulb)

Now moving people into groups to think about what next. I think speakers should stay out of this so this is me signing out. Now to think about the bus to Reading, a train and a lift and home. Interesting event, great location, good people.