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From the scent of lemons to the odour of decay

By Dave Snowden  ·  September 10, 2009  ·  Requests

P9080066.JPG My three days of deep intellectual stimulation are over and I have moved from a palace on Lake Garda (see picture) to a Days Inn in Hounslow which is a aesthetic transition of some magnitude. The scent of lemons to a a mixed odour of decay that you get in cheaper London Hotels. I wasn't able to blog from the event today as I had to prepare and give my own presentation which I will summarise in the next few days - I want to put a bit of thought into it, over and above the presentation itself.

Probably the key point is that we can't take a biological concept sideways into human systems without adding both a cognitive and a cultural aspect.. Now I sort of knew that before, but my own thinking was clarified and expanded by presentations and conversations across disciplinary boundaries. It was also a rigorous session, it was really good to be among people who were fascinated by ideas, unafraid of argument and not previous in demands for sensitivity. More later, for the moment sleep calls, but without the sound of water lapping outside the window.