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June 2014

A form of meditation

By Dave Snowden  ·  June 30, 2014  ·  Walks & Bike rides

Today was one of my few days at home which meant a chance to catch up on post and email.   I was hoping to get the new oak desk top fitted as well having spent three weeks oiling it but that failed,  I upturned the raise and lower one with the ugly black MDF top only to discover that I needed a T30 Starbit to remove it.  I ordered one from Amazon but that meant putting everything back together again which was a pain and putting the job off for a week or so.  

I did however manage to get out for a longish ride on the new...


Family affairs

By Dave Snowden  ·  June 29, 2014  ·  Reflections

The original plan for today was to walk from Goldcliff into Cardiff taking advantage of the family being together with two cars.   So I reasoned I could leave early (having paid the bill) and leave the Saab at my starting point.  Later in the morning a suitably grateful family (I had after all paid the bill) would move the Saab to a nearby station where I could pick it up at the end of the day.  

It was a good plan but it failed for two reasons.  Firstly the tension of the previous day's pick up with cake balancing on knees in a...


RW@60:13 Chepstow - Goldcliff

By Dave Snowden  ·  June 28, 2014  ·  RW@60, Walks & Bike rides

Since completing Offa's Dyke Path over twelve days back in March I have somewhat neglected my walk around Wales.  I had planned to be on the Pembroke Coast in July but I first have to traverse the South Wales Coast.  I should have just got it done, but the attractions of Snowdonia for by actual birthday and too much work travel have made it difficult.   If I am honest I was not looking forward to the Chepstow to Cardiff section as its mostly industrial or plain flat with few features.   I had resolved to try and do it in two...


On the new bike

By Dave Snowden  ·  June 23, 2014  ·  Diabetes, Musings

I took up cycling many moons ago when we lived in Send.  I'd more or less given up on running as a means of getting fit and the cycle seemed a better alternative.  The country lanes of Surrey proved ideal and I was hooked.  I had a hybrid bike then bought from Evans with little knowledge.   As luck would have it my final boss at DataSciences, Mike was an enthusiastic cyclist.  As a result we had an organised company party on the London to Brighton run and I took part.  To my shame I walked up Ditching Beacon but the overall...


Gravity is not the same as gravitas

By Dave Snowden  ·  June 22, 2014  ·  Reflections

Ye pushed them raw to the battle as ye picked them raw from the street.
And what did ye look they should compass? Warcraft learned in a breath,
Knowledge unto occasion at the first far view of Death?
So? And ye train your horses and the dogs ye feed and prize?
How are the beasts more worthy than the souls, your sacrifice?
But ye said, “Their valour shall show them”; but ye said, “The end is close.”

Kipling, from  The Islanders

It was interesting to find a picture in which reality caught up with fiction (but don't worry the...