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November 2013

Symbiosis: the back story

By Dave Snowden  ·  November 2, 2013  ·  Musings

I've had a few questions recently as to whether Cognitive Edge is a software company, a consultancy group or a training organisation.  I've been reluctant to accept pigeon holing as I have argued for many years that the service sector needs to break away from crude categories.  In fact I think we are part of something new which is more an ecology of different capabilities within a defining architecture.  I want to start exploring that here and in another post tomorrow, the latter will pick up on my earlier posts on complexity...


My Cynefin: Glyders I

By Dave Snowden  ·  November 1, 2013  ·  Walks & Bike rides

Much as I love the Pyg track my favourite range in Snowdonia is the Glyders.   Tryfan is the most elegant of Welsh Mountains and the traverse of its North Ridge one of the many glories of North Wales.   My ashes will (assuming kinder obey) will be scattered from it as it has a particular place in my affections.  However on this second day, full of confidence I foolishly decided to lay the ghost of a walk that I have done twice, and which had twice gone badly wrong.

The walk in question rises past Llyn Idwal to the sharp ascent of...