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November 2010

4 days in Wales

By Dave Snowden  ·  November 30, 2010  ·  Great places

201011301213.jpgHaving made Wales one of my areas of expertise with aardvark a request came in a few days ago asking for an itinerary for a four day transit to Holyhead. I came up with the following and decided to share it here.Given that you are heading for Holyhead it makes sense to come through midWales and spend time in the North, saving the South for another day

.Screen shot 2010-11-30 at 12.03.05.png

Day one

I would come into Wales by crossing the River Severn on the old bridge (the M48) and make Chepstow your first port of call. The Castle here is one of the...


Of chickens and eggs

By Dave Snowden  ·  November 28, 2010  ·  Reflections

201011280905.jpg One question raised in the comments to my post on Perdition was from Chavin Parekh who asked for my views on the idea of Requisite Organization developed by Elliott Jaques. It is an important question, hence a post rather than a direct reply to the comment. Jaques opposed the dominant view in management science which focuses on individuals, their competences and capabilities more than it does on organisational design. Instead he argued that failures can in the main be linked to poor organisations design rather than some deficiency in...


SIN-LHR: a numerological response

By Dave Snowden  ·  November 27, 2010  ·  Trivia

jumbo.jpghours in flight - 13.5
hours flight delayed - 1.2
G&Ts to reduce stress - 5
emails cleared from in box - 237
emails in new "urgent action home" folder - 37
emails added to "when on line folder" - 43
emails sent - 78
emails deleted without response (you work it out)
failed attempts by Qantas to get in seat entertainment to work - 3
successful attempts by Qantas to get in seat entertainment to work - - 0
australian dollar value of duty free vouchers received in compensation - 150
hours in fitful sleep - 6
hours in deep sleep - 0  ...


Perdition they name is ....

By Dave Snowden  ·  November 26, 2010  ·  Polemic

201011261209.jpgIn an idle moment between shower and meeting I did a quick scan of incoming Tweets and found one from Steve Denning promoting a posting to his blog which in turn is promoting the latest Leader's guide. It looks like these guides are going to be an annual event, and the latest is to something Steve chooses to call Radical Management. Now the quote which caught my attention was this: Saying that hierarchies are needed is like arguing for smoking cigarettes. Hierarchies are a harmful habit that we need to break. My initial reaction was...


What goes around ...

By Dave Snowden  ·  November 26, 2010  ·  Conference blogs

It's always easier when conference workshops follow the main event. Aside from the ability to recruit it means that you can simply offer to expand on the keynote subject over a longer period of time. This morning at KM Asia allowed me to do just that, and after doing the normal why are you here, what do you want to achieve it was pretty obvious that the best thing would be to run a half day KM course from a complexity perspective. What I used to call Organic Knowledge Management. I went back to the basics, seeing knowledge as the...