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August 2008

30th Aug: Heading for home

By Dave Snowden  ·  August 31, 2008  ·  Great places

P1010084.JPG344 Km driven

Driver now cruising, cutting people up taking no prisoners

Airline passenger stress levels started sweaty ended sweaty

0 photographs taken

Food: well breakfast was OK but the airline food left a lot t be desired
Airline food (don't ask)

Picture:Sculpture in Matera

Last day and it starts with the alarm at 0500, leave the hotel at 0600 and head back to Naples for a 1240 flight.  I chose the photograph to represent Italian driving.  It was a from a sculpture park just outside Matera but my guess it is happened...


29th Aug: skulls and the tree of life

By Dave Snowden  ·  August 30, 2008  ·  Great places

P1010015.JPG307 Km driven

Driver in the grove

99 photographs taken

Food best not talked about

Picture: Elephant at the start of the mosaic pavement

I organised the latter part of the holiday around a trip to Otranto.  On a visit some years ago I fell in love with the Cathedral, the castle and the town in general.  The Cathedral is remarkable for many things, in particular the 12th Centrury mosaic pavement and the later with the skulls of a selection of the martyrs of the Battle of Otranto (refusal to convert to Islam, result beheading, I...


28th Aug: The Baroque

By Dave Snowden  ·  August 29, 2008  ·  Great places

P1010015.JPG150 Km driven

Driver state blaze then painful

63 photographs taken

Food excellent lunch

Picture: Plazza Duomo Lecce, Episcopio to the fore, Seminario to the right

Lecce is my mind one of the pearls of the Baroque, that period of rapid and revolutionary change.  You can walk across the old down in half an hour, but only if you are a barbarian.  Every street and corner provides yet another church, decorated doorway of window which cries out for witness.  You have to plan well however, this part of Italy closes down from 1200 to...


27th Aug: On the road again & troglodytes

By Dave Snowden  ·  August 28, 2008  ·  Great places

P1010071.JPG370 Km driven

Driver stress medium

68 photographs taken

Food moderate

Picture: View of Matera

The four days of Villa living above Sorrento being over it was time to cross Italy to spend the end of the week in the largely undiscovered Salento peninsular.  We booked a hotel just outside near Ostuni in the Masseria Santa Lucia.  I have stayed there several times before at a conference and that had introduced me to what I consider one of the most interesting areas of Italy.  It does not have the pomp of the North or the west, bt it...


26th Aug: mystery

By Dave Snowden  ·  August 27, 2008  ·  Great places

P1010450.JPG12 Km driven, driver stress non-existent

120 photographs taken

Food good to excellent

Picture: Neptune and Amphitrite, Mosaic House 22

We were now getting things sorted, no more long drives instead a quick trip to Sorrento to park and then the Circumvesuviana to Ercolano, a short walk down the hill and were at the entrance.  I think the guidebooks are right, start with Pompeii then follow it with a shorter day at Herculaneum.  Pompeii is awesome, but Herculaneum has greater intimacy.  There is also this huge sense of mystery with...