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July 2008

KM World 23-25 Sept 2008 San Jose CA

By Dave Snowden  ·  July 31, 2008  ·  News

If you have a look at the programme you will see that I am involved in a range of activities.

  • A worst practice learning session on the Monday evening
  • A hot seat interview on the Tuesday morning where I will be interrogated by by HBR co-author Mary Boone
  • The closing keynote on Thursday where I am going to be taking a complexity perspective on project management and system design - expect some of the newest material here on its first public showing

I've lost count of how many times I have keynoted at KM World but I think it must...


summer in Oakland

By Kathleen Mosier  ·  July 31, 2008  · 

I’m awaiting the arrival of friends from Paris – I was there during a terrible August heat wave several years ago, and will be happy to welcome them to our Oakland summer temperature of about 70 deg! I’m sure they won’t miss the Parisian heat.
I’ve gotten some good suggestions for making sense of the ASRS reports. Right now, we’re just reading the batch. My students say they will be hesitant to fly again after reading all these incident reports – but the good news is that none of these incidents resulted in an...


The Shire Hall and Sharepoint

By Dave Snowden  ·  July 30, 2008  ·  Polemic

150D28CB-A4B7-F731-A7C5C6BA42C55F62This post is actually about IT and Sharepoint in particular but bear with me while I build context.  I spent the formative years from five to eighteen in the country town of Mold in North-West Wales and while I was taught to regard Cardiff as our real home I am still fond of the place.  Back in the 1960s there was a need for a new Shire Hall for  Flintshire, and a political need for Mold to outpoint Denbigh for the about to be created super country of Clwyd.  The site was a wooded hill on the outskirts of town with commanding...


The invidious knol

By Dave Snowden  ·  July 30, 2008  ·  Polemic

My third post on the subject and potentially the most worrying.  This blog suggests that Google are tipping the search balance so that knols come above the Wikipedia on search.  Its also got a good quote from Nick Carr I'm guessing that serving as the front door for a vast ad-less info-moshpit outfitted with open source search tools is not exactly the future that Google has in mind for itself. Enter Knol.

Now the evidence here is anecdotal, but it will be interesting to see if others carry out more scientific and controlled...



By Dave Snowden  ·  July 29, 2008  ·  News

Dopplr is of the most useful of my social computing tools.  Allows you to share your trips and discover just how many times you arrive in a city just as Nancy White leaves it!  Its now up on the main page of my blog for anyone who wants to see where I am traveling, but don't take it as definitive, I try and keep it up todate but I am not perfect!