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Tony Quinlan

Running SenseMaker® projects and Building signification frameworks - new courses announced

April 6, 2015  ·  SenseMaker®

These courses are new this year - having run them in Europe, North America and Asia and got most of the kinks out, we’re now rolling these out in other regions.  They feature some theory on SenseMaker® and narrative research approaches, but emphasise practical aspects with plenty of examples from current projects and past experiences.


Who are these for?

  • People who’ve heard about SenseMaker® but need specific guidance what it would take to actually run one
  • Consultants who want to supplement Cognitive Edge and...


The latest thinking on Cynefin and Sense-Making - new courses announced

April 2, 2015  ·  Cynefin

As the first quarter of 2015 wraps up, we’re announcing the training courses for the rest of the year.  Today we have details of all the Cynefin and Sense-Making courses for the rest of the year, and in the coming days we’ll be announcing various SenseMaker® courses, including two new ones focused on the latter stages of SenseMaker® projects.

The Cynefin and Sense-Making courses are our thought-leading courses, constantly-evolving, taught wherever possible by Dave Snowden. The cluster of four one-day courses continues to feature...


Announcing the first SenseMaker®-specific courses - sign up now!

January 5, 2015  · 

As a friend of Cognitive Edge, you may have attended courses, read the blogs and used the techniques - but wondered about how to take the next step to actual implementation of SenseMaker® with clients or in-house. Without experience, it’s difficult to convince potential sponsors and yet without willing sponsors, it’s impossible to get experience.  Here’s where that changes. These new courses are for anyone who has heard about SenseMaker® but needed more detailed knowledge and practical examples before they actually run one.



Cynefin courses in 2015 - new thinking, practical exercises and great company

December 15, 2014  ·  Cynefin, Narrative, SenseMaker®

Cynefin, Complexity, Narrative and Sense-making in 2015
As 2014 closes with a full-to-capacity series of CSM courses in London, we’re delighted to announce the first Cynefin and Sense-Making courses of 2015.  We start the year with courses in Zurich, Auckalnd and London.  Later in the year we plan to have more on the East Coast of North America, Asia and South America.

Zurich:  27 - 30 January 2015

Auckland:  4 - 7 May 2015

London:  8 - 11 June 2015

Why take these courses?
Old models and ways of working have been reaching...


Upcoming Cognitive Edge Courses in 2015

December 8, 2014  ·  Cynefin, SenseMaker®, News

There's a change coming in the Cognitive Edge training courses. Starting in 2015, the courses will be expanding with two new series of courses for practitioners and consultants. By December 2015, there will be three main groups of courses running, along with some special partner-driven courses as well.

Cynefin and Sense-Making courses
The cluster of four one-day courses that have been so successful in recent years will still be running, but will run only once a year in each region.

These will still be the flagship courses,...