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Privacy Policy

About Cognitive Edge’s Privacy Policy
Cognitive Edge has developed a “normal english” privacy policy to make the legal language of the policy understandable to all those who would visit the Cognitive Edge website. It does not intend to diminish the importance of the privacy policy, just make it more accessible.

Our privacy policy is simple:

  1. We will not provide your personal information to others unless you give us permission or we have to do so because applicable law makes it mandatory.
  2. We will use that information to contact you about our service or to communicate regarding emergencies (i.e., our system is down).
  3. Other members in the network will be able to see your name and country of residence once you have registered.  They will be able to see information in the profile you post based on your privacy settings. 
  4. If we change this privacy policy we will let you know and you will have the option of accepting the changes or not.

How We Collect Information

We collect information when you register.  That may include your name, country of residence, username, email address and password.  We are not able to see your password, by the way.  When you complete your profile, essentially we are “collecting” that information but we will not give it to someone else (except for the emergency situations explained elsewhere here).  That information goes into a database that enables our system to display your profile.

We do not collect credit card information when you pay:  That is done by the service that we use to process payments.  They will not provide that information to us unless there is some emergency or problem.  When they do, we will let you know.  They are obligated to keep that information confidential, using it only for processing your order with us.

Our system enables us to collect information about site use but all of that information is anonymous—i.e., it is not personal information.  We only know, for example, that people from, say, Malaysia are interested in the “Library” and so we might change the way the page loads for those people (and for everyone else).

How We Use the Information

When you provide us with your private information, it is primarily your name and email.  We will contact you regarding the service.  For example, we will send you an email with a new password when you click on “forgot password.”  We will email you when there are problems with the service.  We will email you when there are new services or, for example, a newsletter, unless you choose to opt out of such promotional and informational emails.  We will not provide your email to others except in circumstances required by law.

When does the law require us to provide emails or other personal information?  If there is a reasonable chance that someone is at risk of injury or death then we might release the information to the appropriate authorities.  If an appropriate authority asks us to release the information under applicable law, then we will be forced to do so.

We will use information about site use to improve our services. 

Contact Us

If there you have a problem with the privacy policy, you can contact us by writing to privacy@cognitive-edge.com.

Part of the User Agreement

This privacy policy is part of the User Agreement that governs your relationship with Cognitive Edge regarding this website and its contents.  The link to the User Agreement is located at the footer of all of our web pages.

Pretty simple, eh?